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March’s First Friday Arts Alley District Openings: Chameleon by Erin Jones and Two India: Photography by Matthew Schniper and Anthony Delao Adams


The Modbo and SPQR, the Arts Alley District, proudly present March’s first Friday opening. The Modbo will host “Chameleon” by Erin Jones, while photographers Matthew Schniper and Anthony Delao Adams present “Two India” at SPQR. The opening reception for this show is on March 7th from 5:30 pm til midnight. Closing on March 28. The Modbo and SPQR are located at 17b and 17c East Bijou, 80903. More info at or at 633-4240,

In the Modbo:

“Chameleon” by Erin Jones, is a collection of paintings and intaglio etchings that investigate camouflage and adaptation among people, environments, and objects.  Erin Jones, 23, is a Colorado Springs native.  She graduated from Palmer High School, having taken Advanced Placement and IB Classes in art.  Her first and most prominent art pursuit began with FutureSelf in 2003.  She studied countless art media under dozens of local artists as a student while also moving forward in the program as volunteer, artist assistant, event coordinator and teacher, until the program’s end in 2011.  Erin worked extensively with local artist and mentor Spica Stolfus and the Black Kiowa Gallery from 2006 to present. There, she executed dozens of art projects, shows, and installations throughout the community.  From 2007-2008, Erin worked at the Smokebrush Foundation of the Arts as a gallery assistant and an assistant curator.  In 2008, she was accepted into the highly esteemed annual juried art exhibition “Wunderkind” at the Business of Art Center.  This exhibit spotlights 12 of the top high-school art students in the Pikes Peak region.  Erin fell in love with oil paint in 2010 while studying under Brett Andrus at The Modbo/ SPQR galleries. Heavy participation in the Arts Alley District with Brett and Lauren Andrus has provided Erin with ample amounts of gallery exposure and recognition throughout the community. In an attempt to broaden her horizons in art and travel, Erin applied last year to the Aegean Center for the Fine Arts and was accepted alongside 26 participants worldwide to undergo an intensive abroad study in Italy and Greece for the fall of 2012.


Two India: photography by Anthony Delao Adams and Matthew Schniper, capturing recent travels in India with Yobel International. (10 percent of proceeds will be donated to Yobel International.)

For two weeks in January, 2014, Anthony Delao Adams and Matthew Schniper participated as volunteers on a Yobel International Exposure Trip to Kolkata and Darjeeling, India. In the northern, tea-growing region, they helped teach a business-development curriculum aimed at empowering rural communities to transform their communities under their own power and leadership, to create true self-sufficiency and thereby less dependency on foreign aid. As part of the mission-oriented outreach work, they also visited the largest red light district in Asia, called  Sonagachi, touring the production facilities of partnering fair-trade organizations who work to get women out of the sex trade and into dignified, sustainable labor. The images in this exhibit are not directly related to that mission, but were captured in the same locales, as both photographers interacted with the vibrant landscape and its captivating people. The intent is to provide two unique visual narratives and entry points into the complex and often confounding landscape that is India. This is each photographer’s first time to exhibit in a gallery setting.


Matthew Schniper has been an arts editor and food critic at the Colorado Springs Independent since 2006. He graduated from Colorado College in 2001 with a creative writing and film degree, having grown up in Birmingham, Alabama. He has traveled through more than 35 countries, spent many years inside the restaurant industry, and enjoys organic gardening, beekeeping and outdoor pursuits in addition to photography. He recalls taking volumes of awful pictures on many a  disposable camera, Polaroid or cheap point-and-shoot before getting his first 35mm film camera, an Olympus OM-2N, for a high school photography class. Years later, he would go through a few cheap point-and-shoot digital cameras before moving into a starter-level Canon Rebel XTi. Currently, he shoots on a Canon EOS 50D, affectionately nicknamed “Ginger Snap” by its former owner. Visit, a perpetual work in progress, to view more of his photography.

Anthony Delao is a local travel and portrait photographer focusing on everyday life. Undisturbed, as it is, in the midst of what may appear to be mundane or uninspiring at first glance. In 2009 a former boss placed an old camera in his hands, unintentionally sparking an interest in taking photos. However it was his first encounter with Thailand, in 2010, that really began his journey as a photographer and has allowed him to visit and photograph some of the globe’s most interesting people and places. He spent the better part of his twenties living abroad and working in the non-profit realm, leaving him with the most insatiable case of wanderlust ever to strike a man and his camera. Today, he is a foodie and pastry junkie who dreams of shooting for a travel magazine, AFAR… one day.


February’s First Friday Opening at The Modbo and SPQR: The Student Show!

feb 2013 show card

Please join us for February’s first Friday art opening in the Arts Alley District.  The Modbo and SPQR (17c and 17b East Bijou) will happily present works by students and teachers of the new Modboco School of Art at Ivywild. The opening reception for this show is Friday, February 7th, from 5:30 pm until midnight.  The show may be viewed on subsequent Fridays in the month of February, beginning at 5:30 pm, until the closing on Friday, February 28th.  More information at, or by calling 633-4240.


The ModboCo School of Art has existed in one form or another over the past five years, but opened formally at its new space in Ivywild in August of 2013.  The school serves to bring integrity, joy, and purpose to students.  Art classes are taught for all ages and skill levels, and in a variety of media.  This new show will feature work from students as young as pre-Kindergarten and all the way up through adult levels.  There will also be pieces from several ModboCo teachers, including Christian Medovich, Brett Andrus, Phil Lear, and Erin Jones.


Don’t miss this fun opportunity to see the progress of our amazing group of students, and perhaps you’ll whet your appetite to take a class yourself!


Also on first Friday this month, don’t miss even more fun than usual downtown– From : “ Downtown will once again play host to an Olympic Celebration, this time for the Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. Starting at 5 p.m. downtown streets will be filled with winter sport activities – like dog sledding, snowmobiles, and ice climbing – even aerialist snowboarders with The Flying Aces. Take part in the Short and Sweet Dash, meet future and former Olympians, and watch the Opening Ceremonies on a giant outdoor screen.  Enjoy live music by Austin Young and Grant Sabin, numerous booths and demonstrations, beer garden and vodka zone, and lighting of a ceremonial cauldron. “




Fire, Fire, Flood

Fire fire fllood card frontt


It goes without saying, our community and state have gone through some trying times in the last 16 months.

The goal of this exhibition is to document our community’s strength, heartbreak, and resolve.

To heal, and move forward.

To see possibilities, and to create. 

Join us on Friday, November 1st 5:30 pm -12:00 pm for a community exhibition remembering the experiences that touched us and brought us together over the last 16 months.

You Need Art,  Art Needs You.

Breaking Out The Big Guns

The Modbo and SPQR present October’s Arts Alley Openings.  The Modbo will contain Stardust, a new body of work by Modbo Collective artist Lindsay Hand, while SPQR hosts collective member Phil Lear and Christian Medovich.  The opening reception is Friday, October 4th, between 5:30 pm and midnight.  The show runs through Friday, October 25th.  The Modbo and SPQR are located at 17b and 17c East Bijou, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. 719.633.4240.


Stardust, Lindsay Hand’s most recent body of work, is a collection of twelve figurative oil paintings dripping, raw and loose in their rendition. The ethereal reference of stardust is brought into play with sparkling, stark white stars surrounded by earth tones and accented with pops of color. Works, deconstructed through technique and color, reveal layers in process and concept, all together resulting in an exhibit sweet and honest in its portrayal of life’s moments.

Lindsay Hand, born and raised in Colorado Springs, has consistently exhibited her work at various galleries throughout the state, beginning with Wunderkind 2001 at the BAC and most recently at The Modbo for the past 4 years consecutively. Her most recent body of work, “Stardust”, will open October 4th at The Modbo. Hand was nominated for a Pikes Peak Arts Council Excellence in Arts Award for Best Visual Artist 2012 and is featured in Studio Visit Magazine in 2013, Volume 21.  She is scheduled in April of 2014 to show her work at the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum as part of an exhibit marking the 100 year anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre. You can see her work at


Phil Lear’s painting strives to present a certain poetic insight into the world around. His style and brushwork harmonize with the character of his subject, to reveal the inborn charm of painting.

Born in Ontario, Canada in 1975, Phil grew up with a very close love of art. Always drawing and sketching, he expressed his creativity early by writing and illustrating stories and cartoons. His family moved to the United States in 1990, where Phil developed his skills in all the high school art classes, and worked with a select group of young artists known as Smiling Shep Designs, producing banners and artwork for the surrounding community.

In 1993 Phil enrolled in Pensacola Christian College’s Commercial Art program, where he studied for four years under established illustrators and designers. It was during this time the he began to realize a passion for painting, and for expressing the beauty he saw all around. Personal study and a deep love for the art of the Renaissance and late-Victorian eras increased both his knowledge of painterly innovation, and his fast-beating desire to become an artist himself.

After illustrating for missionaries in Switzerland in 1999, Phil returned to the United States and began taking steps toward entering the professional world of painters. He became a charter member of the Portrait Society of America, and has displayed work in several public exhibitions and competitions. Phil now furthers his study and artistic journey in the company of other fine artists at the Cottonwood Artists’ School in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

His paintings deal with the beauty in common scenes of nature and everyday folk. He finds inspiration in the touching effects of light and shadow, and the narrative splendor of the simple things in life. Like the Academy painters of the 1800’s, Phil prefers to work with a warm, limited palette, using subdued colors to bring a calm and natural mood to the canvas.

Christian Medovich has spent over two decades in the visual arts. He has taught technical theater at Colorado College as well as papermaking and Art History at the Club of the Arts. Christian can also be found at  the Fine Arts Center building scenery, teaching at the ModboCo and designing lights for various dance performances in Colorado Springs. In 2010, Christian reinvested his time back into drawing and painting through the Modbo classes, training with Brett Andrus. It has been through careful instruction and curiosity that Christian finds himself participating in the tradition of peddling his created images. He thanks those who have had a hand  (you know who you are).  His newest body of work was inspired by the Tom Waites song, “Murder in the Redbarn,” as well as the artist’s interpretations of various societal taboos.

Emergency Cabaret at The Modbo!


The Modbo quickly presents an emergency cabaret! This Friday, July 12th, doors at 7:30 pm, show at 8 pm.  Please join us in a last minute, totally awesome, R-rated-as-usual fundraiser for The ModboCo, the Modbo’s new school of art at Ivywild! $10 suggested donation, 633-4240 for more info, or  Don’t miss the (temporary!) return of famed singer Jessie Oliver, joined by cabaret regulars Solveig Olsen, Claire Anderson, and Lauren Andrus.  Also featuring: Willow Welter, Kyle Dexter, Trish Doyle-Stahl, Kevin Bennett, newcomer Rachel Rodriguez, Ayanna Martinez, and more! Plus, special celebrity guest appearances by the likes of Babette!

About the ModboCo:

The ModboCo serves to bring integrity, joy, and purpose to those who seek to learn about art. An expansion of The Modbo’s popular art classes, the ModboCo will offer classes for adults, children, youth-at-risk, home-schooled students, and more!  Occasional weekend workshops on subjects ranging from film to encaustic to community-minded arts projects also will be offered. Students can count on teachers with a wide variety of experience and knowledge, who create their own work with integrity, and seek to share their methods with others. As learners of all ages and skill levels, students can depend on a focused, but fun, process, leading to real-world skills and abilities in the subject of their choice.

Introducing The ModboCo, a new school of art at Ivywild!


The Modbo, an award-winning art gallery in downtown Colorado Springs, announces its newest venture: The ModboCo, a school for the arts located at the Ivywild School, 1604 S. Cascade Ave. in Colorado Springs. Classes will begin in August, and more information is available by contacting Lauren Andrus at 719.633.4240,, or at

The ModboCo serves to bring integrity, joy, and purpose to those who seek to learn about art. An expansion of The Modbo’s popular art classes, the ModboCo will offer classes for adults, children, youth-at-risk, home-schooled students, and more! Occasional weekend workshops on subjects ranging from film to encaustic to community-minded arts projects also will be offered. Students can count on teachers with a wide variety of experience and knowledge, who create their own work with integrity, and seek to share their methods with others. As learners of all ages and skill levels, students can depend on a focused, but fun, process, leading to real-world skills and abilities in the subject of their choice.

The Modbo was founded in 2009, with the mission of bringing joy to those who collaborate in the arts. For the past four years, owners Brett and Lauren Andrus have done just that– providing monthly art openings, art classes, musical concerts of all genres, performances of all kinds, and poetry readings. A second gallery, S.P.Q.R., was added in 2010, expanding the offerings to an eager public. Both galleries have won a myriad of Best Of the Springs awards from both The Gazette and The Independent for Best Galleries, Best Place to Buy Art, Best Place to See Emerging Artists, and more.

The classes in particular have been very popular. Taught by Savannah College of Art and Design graduate Brett Andrus on a variety of subjects from drawing to oil painting, classes have exceeded capacity in many instances. ModboCo at Ivywild will accommodate a larger number of students and a variety of teachers; ModboCo also will collaborate with many other individuals and organizations in the Ivywild complex, such as Millibo Art Theatre. The original Modbo and S.P.Q.R. galleries will continue offering high-quality exhibits and performances.

The ModboCo is a non-profit operating under the fiscal sponsorship of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation.

You need art, art needs you.


Brett and Lauren Andrus

P.S. On a more personal note, Brett and Lauren would like to sincerely thank all of you for your support and patronage over the years.  Your participation makes all the difference!  Thank you, thank you!

Rodney Wood is Back!!

The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. galleries, in conjunction with the Millibo Art Theater in their first ever collaboration, are proud to announce “Galerie Vivant,” a new solo exhibition by internationally known artist Rodney Wood.  This exhibition will debut over twenty new paintings by the acclaimed artist.  In addition to the opening reception, to be held from 5:30 pm until midnight on Friday, June 8th at The Modbo and S.P.Q.R., there will be two wildly unique performances presented on The Millibo’s stage.  These shows will occur at 8 pm on Friday, June 1st, and 4 pm on Saturday, June 2nd, at the MAT, 1367 Pecan Street.  Much more than an artist’s talk, audience members will glimpse a special view into the creative process.  There will be the opportunity to see some of Wood’s muses, as well as other kinds of inspiration.  Look for live performances by violinist David Siegel, model and belly dancer Kristina Reich, soprano Jessie Oliver and pianist Lauren Andrus, dancer Camille Loftin, illusionists Joe and Carol Givan, Vlad the doll, model and poet Kim Helgoe, and other surprises.  Both programs will be followed by a viewing for an up close and personal look at the artwork as well as the opportunity to meet the artist and performers.  Tickets are only $9, and can be purchased at  Seating is limited, don’t delay!  The Modbo can be reached at 633-4240, or the Millibo Art Theater at 465-6321.

New Exhibitions in the Alley

The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. present their newest opening on Friday, April 6th, from 5:30 pm until midnight. The Modbo will be host to “Boutade: A divergent reunion of mother and child,” which features new works in multimedia by Maggie Quinn and Harley David Young.

Meanwhile, S.P.Q.R. will host “Art Aloud,” a juried exhibition of art that is influenced the the written and spoken word. The opening reception for this show will feature performances of the words which served as the inspiration for the exhibited pieces.

More information for “Boutade”:

Born and raised a fourth generation Colorado Springs resident, Harley David Young has lived and grown on the Front Range for most of his life. Moving to Chicago as a young adult to study art, Harley graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007, focusing in sculpture and drawing. Living there for seven years he pursued varied interests, including working as a studio assistant, running a small nationally recognized artist-run gallery, and taking a prominent role in a community

bicycle youth out-reach program. Seeking a career in education, Harley acquired an M.Ed. In Educational Studies from University of Illinois, Chicago in May of 2010. Currently back home and teaching fourth grade via Teach For America, Harley lives and practices in the old north end. Present in his work is a playful, impish sensibility and use of material. Making predominate use of mundane craft, pedestrian materials, crude gestures, layered imagery, and both domestic and institutional objects, Harley constructs images and objects that draw on his heritage on the Front Range, and employs an idiosyncratic symbolic language.

Colorado Springs has been home to Maggie Quinn for her entire life. California College of Art, CU Boulder, and Colorado Mountain College provided the educational foundation for her study of the
arts. Classical drawing and painting, jewelry design, photography, and pottery were major courses of study. Travels and field expedition study with top ceramicists from around the globe have added a
sense of current influence to her work today. Porcelain and wood-fire are continual media and process that she brings to her gallery. The camaraderie and risk that comes from firing clay to temperatures of
2,300° F or more, in a hand fed wood burning kiln, has embedded the lifestyle of the potter into her being. Forms in nature serve as a muse, all media the platform, while ceramics remain the passion of
her creation. In the execution for the pieces for Boutade, Maggie brings to the audience humor and wonder, with a bit of satire. Holding ceramic media as the main venue for her artistic story, she has blendedform and subject matter with her son, Harley David Young.

Dr. Sketchy’s is Back!!

Dr. Sketchy’s is back, and it’s better than ever, on Sunday, March 4th! This month’s model is Gezelle Za Belle. Don’t miss out—these events can be crowded, and they are first come, first served! Plus, we have special prizes from Zodiac and more!

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School: Presented by The Modbo and Peaks and Pasties Burlesque Troupe. Occurring some first Sundays from 6:30-8:00 pm, This month’s is on Sunday, March 4th. A strongly suggested $12 donation. An open figure drawing session with a serious twist. The Modbo, 17C East Bijou.

The Modbo is pleased as punch to announce that is now an official branch of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School and in partnership with our local burlesque troupe, Peaks and Pasties. Dr. Sketchy’s is an open figure drawing session with a twist— the models are burlesque dancers and the atmosphere is not exactly what you’d expect from a traditional art class.

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School is the world’s premier alternative drawing movement and quite possibly the coolest art class you’ll ever go to. Every month, over 3,500 people gather in nearly a hundred cities. Dr. Sketchy’s was founded in 2005 in a dive bar in Brooklyn by two artists. You absolutely do not need to be an artist to attend this event. For more information on Dr. Sketchy’s, go to For more information on Peaks and Pasties, please contact Lola Spitfire at And as ever, you can reach The Modbo at .

This month’s session features a special afterparty—starting at 9 pm, Leonhardt and Antique Scream will be performing, all the way from Seattle! Add local favorites The Men of Deep Throat into the mix, and you’ve got one helluva night! Just $5 for those who attend Dr. Sketchy’s as well!

New Exhibition, A Display of Truly Amazing Painting!

he Modbo and S.P.Q.R., the Arts Alley District, proudly present their newest shows. Opening on Friday, March 2nd at 5:30 pm with the opening reception going until midnight. The Modbo will host works of Joe Bonomo and Chris Alvarez, while we welcome newcomers Michael DeVore and Cecilia Thorell over in S.P.Q.R. Don’t miss this fantastic show! We’re delighted to have live music by The Ivory Banks on the evening of the opening reception. This group is the folky dream-pop duo of pianist/guitarist/vocalists Hillary Gruener and Willow Welter, with accompaniment by drummer Jonathan Johnson. The Modbo and S.P.Q.R. are located at 17B and 17C East Bijou St. in downtown Colorado Springs.

About the artists:

Chris Alvarez, showing in The Modbo, has been a student and teacher at the Cottonwood Center for the Arts in Colorado Springs since 1997. He studied under school founders Sparky LeBold and Chuck Mardosz for five years before becoming one of the first students to develop into an instructor. He also taught beginning drawing for five years at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, where he earned a BA in fine art with distinction. Alvarez’s work has won several awards, such as Plein Air Magazine’s grand prize at the Paint Historic Manitou Springs Paintout in Manitou Springs in 2005, and the grand prize at the Victor Celebrates the Arts Paintout in Victor in 2002. He is currently represented by the Seedboat Gallery in Silver City, NM, Egeli Gallery in Provincetown, MA and

As an artist, Chris finds that there are no ordinary moments, that there are no ordinary scenes. As he observes everyday life, he also challenges his perceptions of what is interesting. Chris looks to find interesting compositions in routine life. He now believes that creativity is not only tied to what an artist can do with his imagination as it relates to original ideas, but to what an artist can do with the mundane.

Also at The Modbo, we welcome local artist Joe Bonomo. Joe will be unveiling a number of works of art based on a theme. Moving away from his previous style that gained him notoriety, this artist is now exploring other, more contemporary subjects such as in the steam punk culture. He has also decided to put together two other figurative collections. The first is a series of four paintings done as tributes to each season. The second series is comprised of four additional paintings dedicated to the arts: fine art, music, drama and dance.

Inherently a self-taught artist, Bonomo takes great care in his personal studies of the masters and innovators of the art world. Bonomo states, “I truly believe that the painter is his own best teacher and student.” Observation, exploration, and dedication have been his teachers. Bonomo pulls from a pool of knowledge accumulated by artists past and present with an exuberance that translates to his work.

S.P.Q.R. proudly presents newcomers Michael DeVore and Cecilia Thorell. Both are classically trained painters in the realist tradition. They met while they were both studying at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. Though Michael came from America and Cecilia from Sweden, their mutual interests and attraction brought them together in spite of a slight language barrier. Studying at the academy, they learned traditional drawing and painting techniques that had been passed down from the old masters. The school also has a second location in Gothenburg, Sweden where Cecilia is originally from. Michael and Cecilia took the opportunity to transfer there for one year to study with the talented faculty and so Michael could get to know Cecilia’s family and culture. Soon after completing the school’s intensive program, the couple married in Stockholm, Sweden. Today Michael and Cecilia live and work in Colorado Springs where they feel inspired by the area’s natural beauty. They have both exhibited their work in various shows and galleries around America and Europe. Michael has his Bachelor of Arts degree in Art from Pepperdine University. Both artists are associate members of Oil Painters of America.